Ep14 Air Source Heat Pump Myths

Since COP26 in Glasgow in Oct/Nov 2021, interest in renewable heating technologies from the UK media and the public has intensified. Social media has been awash with often 'polar opposite' opinions and viewpoints regarding air source heat pumps. In this episode, Russell Dean from Ecodan, architect and Ecodan Ambassador, George Clarke, and Laurent Widloecher, Product Manager at Mitsubishi Electric, discuss and 'debunk' commonly held myths associated with air source heat pumps.
01:00 / An intro to ASHP myth-busting 
01:59 / Heat pumps are a new and unproven technology.
02:38 / Heat pumps are not powerful enough to heat my home in cold weather.
03:42 / Heat pumps take a long time to warm up a home.   
06:02 / A heat pump is more expensive to run than a fossil fuel solution. 
10:00 / Electricity is not a clean, green fuel type.
10:37 / Air source heat pumps are noisy.
13:11 / Planning permission is required before you can install an air source heat pump.
14:41 / Heat pumps take up too much space outside and inside.
16:47 / Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan.
17:12 / Heat pumps are only suitable for new build homes.
19:29 / Heat pumps only work with underfloor heating.
21:13 / Heat pumps are high maintenance.
21:48 / Heat pumps have a short life span.
23:34 / Heat pumps are expensive.
26:17 / Heat pumps are complicated to programme and use. 
26:58 / Renewable heating incentives are difficult to apply for. 
28:16 / The UK government is forcing people to scrap their working gas boilers.
29:41 / Heat pumps are imported products and not manufactured in the UK.
30:06 / The national grid will not be able to cope with the mass market uptake of electric cars and heat pumps.  
34:45 / Air Source Heat Pumps are not practical for apartments.

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