Ep15 Heat Pumps: The Road to Net Zero

Dore Woodman – UK renewable heating specialists discuss their partnership with Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan.
In this episode, Russell Dean from Ecodan, is in conversation with architect and Ecodan Ambassador, George Clarke, and Ben Freeman, founder of Dore Woodman – UK renewable heating specialists. They discuss several topics including; what it means to live 'greener', starting a renewable heating business, grants, 'heating education', retrofitting existing UK housing stock, and the overall challenges that face the heating industry in meeting the UK Government's target to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

01:00 / George Clarke's journey to sustainable living and renewable heating.
06:08 / Ben Freeman: starting a renewable heating business
12:00 / The educated renewable buyer
14:30 / Low-income households and efficient heating
15:45 / The Boiler Upgrade Scheme
17:15 / Retrofitting existing housing stock
22:10 / A long-term strategy for green buildings
24:15 / Making technology simple
27:00 / Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan
27:24 / Installer advice from Dore Woodman
31:10  / Housebuilders and changing legislation coming in 2025
33:50 / Hydrogen ready boilers?
35:00 / Heat or eat / fuel poverty
38:00 / Re-programme the industry for heat pumps
47:00 / Collaboration is the future

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