Heat Pumps: The Future Homes Standard

In this episode, Max Halliwell from Ecodan talks to Chris Ricketts from Elmhurst Energy. Elmhurst Energy Systems is the UK's largest accreditation scheme, covering EPCs on domestic properties, new-build compliance, U-Value calculations and inspections. Chris shares his insight from his consultancy work for UK Government on The Future Homes Standard – the landmark Building Regulations update set to improve the energy efficiency of all new homes. Max and Chris discuss, the journey to UK NetZero carbon, the challenges the industry will face, to up-skill the current fossil-fuels installer base to fit the number of heat pumps needed – an expected timeframe for change and what the new Building Regulations will mean to developers.
01.55 / An intro to Chris and Elmhurst Energy
04.12 / The roadmap to NetZero in 2050
05.00 / Up-skilling installers to meet demand 
08.00 / Heat pumps – a crucial technology
09.55 / The Future Homes Standard from 2025
11.40 / Part L Regulations
14.00 / Our energy grid is low-carbon now
17.30 / Measuring energy use in buildings
22.20 / Timelines for 2025
26.40 / SAP 10.2
33.00 / Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan
33.30 / Change impact for developers
35.30 / What will the new industry standards be?
40.35 / A line in the sand has been drawn

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