Ep10 Heat Pumps: The UK's changing home-heating landscape

Russell Dean, from Mitsubishi Electric UK, discusses the evolution of the Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump in the UK over the last 12 years.
In this episode, Max Halliwell from Ecodan talks to Russell Dean, Head of Residential Heating and Ventilation at Mitsubishi Electric UK. Russell reflects on how Mitsubishi Electric UK responded to the industry, the business and manufacturing challenges that they faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the launch and subsequent demise of the UK Government's Green Homes Grant. Max and Russell also discuss the evolution of the Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump in the UK over the last 12 years and how Mitsubishi Electric has simplified the technology for installation, improved the efficiency and the user experience to meet the requirements of tenants, homeowners, installers, developers and housing associations.  

01:05 / Introducing Russell Dean 
02:30 / COVID-19 – A challenging 12 months 
04:53 / The perfect storm 
05:59 / The end of the Green Homes Grant 
06:30 / The Clean Homes Grant
09:00 / The evolution of Ecodan 
11:14 / The future of heat pump mass-market uptake
12:50 / Heat pumps for new build homes
15:15 / Living with Ecodan for homeowners 
17:00 / Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan
17:24 / Challenges to meet moving carbon targets
19:50 / The time is now for UK heat pumps
24:35 / Heat pumps for on-gas homes
27:50 / Dedicated heat pump warehousing
28:45 / Future UK grant funding

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