Ep12 Installing Ecodan: Partnering for success

In this episode, Max Halliwell from Ecodan talks to David Cooke, one of the UK's most experienced Ecodan installers. David has been installing Ecodan air source heat pumps for more than 10 years and has completed over 630 installs, mainly domestic, off-gas, retro-fit, new and self-build projects in North Norfolk. He shares his journey; switching from fossil fuels to sustainable heating, how the consumer market and technology has changed over the years and what makes a successful business partnership with the right heat pump manufacturer.
01:36 / Over 10 years of Ecodan installs
03:40 / Giving up on oil boilers
05:00 / Ground source vs air source heat pumps
07:30 / Partnering with Mitsubishi Electric
09:30 / Sizing a heat pump correctly
14:40 / Low-temperature capacity
16:25 / Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan
17:00 / A typical install process
19:45 / Room-by-room heat loss calculations 
20:45 / Commissioning the Ecodan with SD cards
22:32 / The Ecodan MelCloud App 
23:40 / Remote maintenance to prevent false call-outs
26:23 / Grant funding for heat pumps
32:54 / Partnering with Ecodan for a successful heat pump business
34:33 / Advice for installers looking to switch from fossil fuels to heat pumps.

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