Modern methods of construction: A building revolution

In this episode, Max Halliwell from Ecodan talks to architect and Ecodan Ambassador, George Clarke. Find out what are MMCs (Modern Methods of Construction) and how this 'mini-revolution' in off-site, factory manufacturing is shaping the design and build of energy-efficient and sustainable UK homes for self-builders and developers.
Episode show notes
01.15 / What are MMCs and the benefits
05.50 / House specifications – options to order 
07.29 / 'Just-in-time' building process?
10.58 / Mobie charity
19.13 / Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan
19.40 / A stable construction workforce for the future
22.00 / We still built houses like the Romans
26.20 / A real opportunity to change the industry
28.00 / Smart homes and technology 
30.00 / Early days of MMC
32.20 / What’s it like to live with an Ecodan?
35.00 / Are we doing enough in the UK?
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