Ep11 Self build with Ecodan: Sustainable home heating

In this episode, Max Halliwell from Ecodan talks to Georgina Burnett, Property and DIY Interiors Presenter. They discuss Georgina's passion for sustainable home renovation and her experience of choosing a Mitsubishi Electric, QUHZ Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump for her self build project. Georgina tells the story starting from her desire to be more energy-efficient, researching the sustainable home-heating technology available, selecting the right manufacturer and product, through to installation and user experience.
00:45 / Welcome intro
02:25 / Making your home a safe haven
03:55 / A passion for home renovation
06:00 / Starting a self build project
07:00 / The right sustainable technology
09:00 / An ultra-quiet solution
10:00 / Cylinder and heat pump placement
11:40 / Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan
12:05 / Easy install process
13:10 / Championing the technology
17:15 / Underfloor heating vs radiators 
23:00 / Living with Ecodan
26:00 / Remote control heating
27:15 /  Switching to a renewable energy supplier
28:30 / Renewable Heating Grants
30:15 / No more gas boilers by 2025

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