Ep5 Social Housing: Affordable warmth

In this episode, Max Halliwell from Ecodan talks to Rob Hicks, Innovation Manager at Sovereign Housing Association. They discuss Sovereign's decision to invest in sustainable heating technology to meet their long-term, 'affordable warmth' objectives for residents. Rob reflects on the housing association's ten-year relationship with Ecodan, and the educational challenges they overcame when introducing new technology.
Episode show notes
01:00 / Early adopters for Ecodan technology
01:30 / A long term approach
02:49 / What is affordable warmth?
04:53 / Using Energy Performance Certificates
06:10 / The best recipe for home energy efficiency
09:17 / Changing to Ecodan
10:53 / Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan
11:22 / Challenges of new technology
13:30 / Selecting the right energy tariff 
16:30 / MELCloud app for Ecodan monitoring
17:03 / MELConsole for maintenance and servicing
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