Social Housing: Leading the way to net-zero

In this episode, Max Halliwell from Ecodan talks to Rob Hicks, Innovation Manager at Sovereign Housing Association. They discuss how the social housing sector and Sovereign, in particular, are playing a key role in reducing carbon emissions from home heating, by installing sustainable technologies for both new build and retrofit applications. Rob discusses a Sovereign Housing Association case study, where they were able to reduce resident heating bills by over 50% when switching to Ecodan, air-source heat pumps. They improved resident 'warmth ratings' – moving from, one out of five, to five out of five, and also reduced CO2 tonnage from 4.5 tonnes down to 1.8 tonnes (per property).
01.36 / Sovereign's approach to net-zero
02.28 / Air Source – the perfect match for off-gas grid
04.30 / Moving homes up to band C and beyond
06.38 / Reducing heating bills by over 50%
07.10 / Improving warmth ratings & reducing CO2 tonnage
08.02 / The Clean Homes Grant – the RHI replacement
10.27 / The Green Homes Grant
11.56 / Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan
12.25 / Sustainable heating technologies – the way forward
14.33 / The 2050 'Road Map' – 'Future Homes Standard'
18.26 / Social housing – leading the way to net-zero
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