Zero Carbon Home

In this episode, Russell Dean from Ecodan, is in conversation with architect and Ecodan Ambassador, George Clarke, and Oliver Novakovic, Technical and Innovation Director at Barratt Developments Plc. They discuss the Zed House project – a unique zero carbon concept home that showcases the future of sustainable living in the UK. Built on the University of Salford’s main campus, the Zed House is the first home in the country to be built by a major housebuilder that goes substantially beyond the UK Government's Future Homes Standard. Oliver discusses partnering on the project with Mitsubishi Electric – Ecodan to deliver sustainable heating and hot water and other innovative technologies and processes, like MMC, that will change the way that all new homes are built in the future.
01.40 / An introduction to the Barratt Zed House
04.15 / Being 'green' without trying 
05.28 / Skirting board heating
07.06 / The case for a Zero carbon home 
09.05 / Ecodan and heating the Zed House
12.30 / Getting rid of gas
14.30 / Robots building houses
20.38 / Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan
21.00 / The evolution of MMC
28.05 / Designed for manufacture 
30.45 / The educated self-builder
39.00 / Government standards and planning
45.00 / Trading energy
47.45 / A remote control for a house
51.28 / Changing coming with The Future Home Standard 

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